Northern FlickerNorthern Flicker

The birds presented here were photographed locally, many from my home, some during local walks—no fillers have been used from afar. There has been no attempt to seek out the rare, but merely to present those things one easily encounters. Well, in some cases, the things easily encountered are not easily photographed.

The grouping, adopted, is based as much on visual and behavioral characteristics as it is on evolutionary development.

   swimmers duck-like birds

   waiders herons and shorebirds

   raptors ospreys, eagles

   fowl turkeys, grouse

   land, nonpasserines kingfishers, hummingbirds, woodpeckers

   land, passerines perching birds, songbirds

   flight manoeuvres in the air

A downloadable Wildlife Checklist (including many birds) seen in the Creston Valley (south end of Main Lake) is available from Creston Wildlife.

There is a number of good sources of information about birds on the Web. The one I have found most useful is Wikipedia . I often link to it to provide further information.

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