I listened to the tune of the Song Sparrow for a long time before I learned to associate it with the little bird which would come and perch on my hedge. The wee bird whistles two to three clear introductory notes, and then follows it with a trill.

Kootenay Lake is within the summer breeding range of this bird with the heavily streaked plumage. Its diet typically consists of seeds, grains, grass, berries and occasionally insects.

However, every bird that is considered to be a sparrow, is not necessarily given that name. A case in point, the Dark-eyed Junco. This sparrow exists only in western North America and has a wide variety of subspecies with different shadings; the one seen around Kootenay Lake is the Oregon form, where the male has what appears to be a black hood. As with all sparrows, this bird is quite small.

song sparrowA Song Sparrow is noted for its song: it is lovely. This one, and the two that follow are reddened by the early morning light; actually the bird is greyish.

song sparrowA Song Sparrow sings.

song sparrowA Song Sparrow sings.

song sparrowThis Song Sparrow forages on the forest floor among the fallen leaves of October.

song sparrowThe Song Sparrow is more conspicuous in sound than sight. I listened to it for a long time before I learned to associate the song with the little bird which kept returning to my hedge.

song sparrowA juvenile Song Sparrow takes of from the forest floor in autumn.

song sparrowA Song Sparrow jumps off its perch and heads downward to pick up enough speed to stay airborne.

song sparrowIt is satisfying to realize that this Song Sparrow is not intimidated by municipal regulations.
Arlene Anderson

dark-eyed junco, maleThe Dark-eyed Junco is a sparrow. This male of the Oregon subspecies has a black hood.

dark-eyed junco, femaleThe female Dark-eyed Junco has considerably more muted shades than does the male.

chipping sparrowThe Chipping Sparrow has a distinctive white eyebrow and red cap. The song of the Chipping Sparrow is similar to that of the the Dark-eyed Junco, although they look quite different.

white-crowned sparrowThe White-crowned Sparrow forages on the ground or in low vegetation for seeds and bugs, but sometimes makes a short flight to catch flying insects.

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