Starlings (European, also known as Common)

Starlings are unmistakable. While there are many bird species around the Lake which are often quite difficult to distinguish one from another—e.g., Tundra Swans and Trumpeter Swans—starlings are not among them. When you see a starling, you know it. These shiny dark birds with white spangling and yellow bill often travel in large flocks. Starlings have an omnivorous taste ranging from berries to insects and are often seen scrounging for food on lawns.

The starling is neither native to this region, nor even to North America. It was introduced from Europe to New York in 1890 and has since spread across the continent, reaching Kootenay Lake in the mid 1950s.

starlingsThe European Starling has a striking, shiny black plumage with white spangling. It looks like no other bird.

starlingsFlocks of starlings are often seen scrounging on lawns.

starlingsWhat ‛s to say: a starling is a starling.

Information from Wikipedia: Starling.

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