Of the two species of Tanager found in North America, only one, the Western Tanager is found around the Lake. During breading season (March–August) the male Western Tanager is the most tropical-looking bird to be found locally. It sports a red head, yellow body and black and white wings. The male loses the red at other times to resemble the only slightly drabber female.

A local bird checklist presents the Western Tanager as being uncommon in Spring and Summer, and rare to missing thereafter. Some of this might be because, even when present, the birds are often out of sight foraging high in the canopy for insects, fruit and berries.

western tanager This Western Tanager is probably a female. It tolerated my close approach as it was a bit dopey following a recent encounter with a window. I left it alone, and it soon flew on its way.

Information from Wikipedia: Western Tanager.

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