Gossamer–winged Butterflies

The Gossamer–wings occupy the second–largest family of butterflies. Unfortunately, this abundance has not been translated into extensive offerings on this page. Maybe over time it will fill out.

Apart from the eponymous wings of gossamer, these butterflies are characterized by large dark eyes typically edged with white scales—a feature evident in some of these pictures.

This material is under development: information should be viewed as tentative.

northern blueIf the wings of this Northern Blue had been spread, revealed would be the eponymous blue colour. The white edging to the large dark eye is evident, but not clear.

gossamer wingAlthough this head–on shot does not contain enough information to identify the species, the characteristic large black eye with its white edging suggests this is one of the gossamer–winged butterflies.

spring azureA Western Spring Azure with its wings closed does not reveal the beautiful blue of the upper surface.

spring azureWhen flying, the Western Spring Azure shows the blue of its wings, but it is difficult to photograph.

blueA Blue Copper.

Information from Wikipedia: Gossamer–winged Butterflies.

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