Bees and Wasps

butterflya cuckoo bee

Hymenoptera include bees, wasps, and ants.

Some local bees—bumble bees and honey bees—are social, but most species are solitary. These are presented in separate groups, below.

Wasps, too, are presented as a social and solitary. The term, hornet, is just another name for wasps, but it is often only applied to a large ones. The term, yellow jacket, is generally applied to a large wasp (or hornet) with yellow colouring. Clearly, these latter terms are used rather loosely.

A page about local ants is anticipated.

   social bees  bumble bees, honey bees
   solitary bees  mining, sweat, cuckoo
   social wasps  paper, bald–faced; yellow–jacket
   solitary wasps  mud dauber, sand; aphid, cuckoo, grass–carying

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