Frogs and Toads

Frog or toad?  Frogs have a smooth moist skin with long hind legs used for leaping. Toads have a dry warty skin and short legs. The warts contain poison and this discourages predators from eating them.

There is one toad and two frogs found around the Kootenays: Western Toad, Pacific Treefrog, Columbia Spotted Frog.

tree frogThe Pacific Tree Frog is the only tree frog found locally. It is characterized by a black line which extends from its snout, through its eye, and to its shoulder. It is not easily characterized by colour, which is variable from brown through green. Indeed, an individual frog can change its colour. This one is greenish, the one below is brown. Justin Arndt

tree frogThis Pacific Tree Frog has a light brown cast. As this frog is seen from above, the black line through the eye is barely visible.

toadThe Western Toad is the only local toad. Its skin is covered with poison–containing warts to discourage predators. Of course, this one, also has some sand grains stuck to it.

spotted frogThe Columbia Spotted Frog lives in ponds, streams, and along the edge of the Lake.
Catherine Aitken

western toadThe Western Toad does a good job of blending in, even on a beach.

Fraser tartan