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Kokanee Creek Provincial Park

The Kokanee Creek Provincial Park is a 235 hectare region of woods, beach, trails, creek, and campground on the north side of the West Arm about half way between Nelson and Balfour. These few images hardly cover the richness of the Park, but it is a start.

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Spring brings a freshet to Kokanee Creek and new buds to its banks. This navigable view was recorded a few hundred meters north of the road.

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spawning channelSpawning Channel  The spawning channel is crowded with the bright red Kokanee Salmon in September.

spawning kokaneeRed fish  Kokanee choose a good spot on the gravel bed to spawn.

forestForest  Although, the Park has campgrounds, trails and the odd building, much of it is untouched forest with trees and plants in every stage of life.

creek through forestKokanee Creek

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