There are three species of wild cats around the Lake (and indeed for many parts of BC): cougar (mountain lion), lynx, bobcat. However, they are rarely ever seen. Even the most likely to be seen, the bobcat, is remarkably illusive, usually presenting only a passing view in the moonlight. Consequently, this page may never grow to present all three (or need to be expanded to three pages).

bob catThis bobcat was seen alongside a road at the north end of the Lake. It was content to stay put and enjoy its meal of white–tailed deer.
Catherine Aitken

bob catA cougar track in the snow. Doug Thorburn

bob catThe cougar is the largest of our cats and the only one with a long tail. Rarely seen, the cougar is remarkably secretive. This nighttime image taken with a near–infrared flash has a ghostly look. Doug Thorburn

bob catA cougar walks through the woods in late March. Doug Thorburn

Fraser tartan