A muskrat is a large aquatic vole found throughout most of North America. Although it might be confused with a beaver when seen swimming out on the Lake, it is not related (beyond both animals being rodents), much smaller and its tail is rounder and higher than the beaver’s horizontal paddle.

Most of the diet of the muskrat is made up of herbaceous water plants but it will eat an occasional fish or frog.

muskratThe muskrat a large aquatic vole.

muskratA characteristic view of a muskrat travelling between nest and foraging area.

muskratA muskrat returning to its nest with some plants to eat.

muskratAlthough life can be busy, now and then a muskrat likes to just float.

muskratThe muskrat is rotund with fur over its body, except for its feet and long tail.  Ken Anderson

muskratNormally seen in the Lake, in the spring (this is April), males head out over the land to look for new territories. This picture was taken in April on Nelson’s sports fields along side the Lake.  Ken Anderson

muskratThe muskrat prefers vegetation; this one was feeding on grass.  Ken Anderson

Information from Hinterland Who’s Who: Muskrat.

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