Recent additions

A few locals have asked for a way to learn of updates to this site. My response, this page, posts recent images with the latest at the top. A mouseover enlarges the image, a click brings up the page upon which it is discussed.

A muskrat swims out from its nest to forage.

Elk graze in a farmer’s field in the early morning.

Tree swallows establish a nest in a piling.

A ruby-crowned kinglet waits for insects

A chestnut-backed chickadee scours a conifer for seeds

A mallard couple flies by

A Pied–billed Grebe visits the Nelson waterfront

A robin catches and eats a grub

A wood duck looks for food in the shallows

A coyote hears a vole under the snow and pounces.

The hooded merganser raises its hood during mating season.

A sub-adult bald eagle flies overhead.

A red-tailed hawk flies by.

A northern pygmy owl pauses while hunting.

A kingfisher lands on a piling.

A varied thrush is one of our most beautiful birds.

A red-breasted nuthatch takes a sunflower seed from a feeder.

A male (left) and female greater scaup land on the Lake

This ruffed grouse behaved as if it were perfectly camouflaged, despite the snow.

The red-breasted merganser is an uncommon visitor.

A new page explores local notables and eccentrics in the Nelson Cemetery.

In the winter, the bill of the female goldeneye gains a yellow tip.

A saw–whet owl hides by remaining motionless in a tree.

A sun dog hangs over a lake covered with steam fog

Steam fog over the Lake as seen from Duhamel

A new page explores rime, snow fall and virga

Fall colours from aspen and larch

Fall streaks hang over the Lake

A male shadow darner patrols the lakeshore.

A grizzly sow and cub stand in a forest clearing.

Fraser tartan